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Letty the Determined Leaf Lets Go

Letty is unlike the other leaves. Her difference sets her apart when the the time comes for the leaves to launch themselves into the unknown with the winds of Fall. Holding on tight, Letty  finds herself alone in the old oak tree for Winter. This story tells of how she is never really alone, and journeys with Letty through her self-discovery of what it is that gives her the courage to let go.

The latest seasonal adventure of the rascalliest munchkin in the forest. Discover how the Little Munchkin brings Solstice fun to a family of humans shovelling their way out of the snowydrifts of winter.

The Pumpkin Queen

The day after Jack Frost danced across the autumnal landscape, the kind and beautiful Pumpkin Queen comes to the rescue of the shivering families of mice. With the help of the fairies and elves of the pumpkin patch, the magical Queen carves the first ever, warm and inviting Jack 'O' Lanterns. With this wee tale, bring the cosy spell of Halloween Magic into your home.

Magnus Mouse and the Halloween Scarecrow

Magnus Mouse and the Halloween Scarecrow is the story of a little Mouse who enjoys the pleasures of summer days filled with fun and friendship. When the beauty of nature goes to sleep for the winter, taking with it his creature friends, Magnus Mouse experiences new and strange feelings of loss and loneliness. As his first tear falls, the Halloween magic begins to unfold. In this journey, Magnus Mouse learns how his loving heart can combine with a touch of fairy-magic to give life to a lonely old Scarecrow and ignite the joy of friendship. 
A calming journey through the colours of the rainbow and the qualities they inspire; bringing nurture and comfort to children as they drift into a peaceful sleep.

The rascalliest munchkin in the forest sets out for his day of work and play in the Summer-time forest, but when he gets bored, he can't help but get up to mischief. Discover the wonder to be found when the Little Munchkin comes across a Fairy Ring, and the consequences that flow for him following his rascally adventure.

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"These lovely little stories will enchant your child. Natasha has created delightfully unique characters ..taking imagination to new heights. With tranquil narration, insight is always to be found in these magical adventures." Bamboo Magazine - conscious family living. 

"Natasha's beautiful stories narrated in her soft, calm voice create an air of magic and from the moment we press 'play', my children are totally captivated.  I thank you Natasha for making long car journeys not just bearable, but a joy."  Marina Davis, Mother, England.

"Natasha certainly has a talent; her stories are gorgeous." Polly Saltmarsh, Mother, Australia 

"great...the story voice is at once clear and magical, perfect for young ears". Vanessa Kuran, Mother and Waldorf Teacher, Canada

CD of Magical Seasonal Audio Stories

Includes 1 hour of original audio stories for calming, seasonal fun. Makes car journeys easy or helping children to snuggle down at bedtime.

"These unique characters will enchant your child", Bamboo Magazine - whole family living.

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Natasha’s storytelling encourages children to rest back into the world of imagination. With a sense of nurture and comfort she provides a glimpse at life's challenges and offers some gentle guidance, encouraging children to embrace their inner world of feeling . At the same time Natasha inspires children to revel in the beauty and wonder of the mystical and natural world and the rhythm of life unfolding; nurturing their connection with others, and with the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the Stars, and all life forms in between.

In Joy!

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Illustrations are by Mahila Gauthier-Dupont. Interested in her work?  Visit her website or send her an email: or

Sound Engineering by Matthew Golden of Greenlight Productions. Matt can be contacted at